Finding Info That's Right for You

Mothership Personalized is a new way to get personalized health information that's right for you and your family. We know all families are unique and there's no one-size fits all approach to raising healthy children.

My best mom friend is also a nurse. She understands me, doesn’t judge, and also has medical knowledge.
— Betsy Rakola, Mom

Mothership Partners

After listening to family stories, we learned that there is information overload on the internet and parents are often turning to other parents for advice and support because they feel that other parents get them . We also know after listening to health experts that they have a lot of trustworthy information to share.

Enter Mothership Partners. We are creating a digital community where health experts, who are also recent parents, recommend articles and other resources they find helpful and weigh in on hot topics through various social media channels, blogs, and podcasts. These Partners are relatable. They share science-based information. And, they understand the practical realities of parenting. It is our vision that Mothership Partners will represent the diversity of families in the country and that parents can see themselves in them.

Our first phase of Mothership Partners will focus on healthy eating topics with dietitians who are also recent parents.

After searching the internet, I finally found an article with practical tips on weaning only to realize halfway through that it was intended for stay-at-home moms and not moms going back to work like me.
— Dawn Underraga, Mom


Our search function makes it easy to find information that you want and can trust. It only searches resources endorsed or created by Mothership Partners and credible websites. And, it has filters specific to parenthood to help you get to the info that's right for you, quickly.


Similar to a dating app, we want to help you find relatable Mothership Partners. It is our hope that we can match each parent in the USA to one or more Partners that they can relate to, follow, engage with, and learn from.


Mothership Partners will also facilitate regular virtual support and interest group sessions on various topics to give you the opportunity to connect with other parents, share your experiences, and ask questions.


Help us make the vision of Mothership Partners a reality by donating to Mothership and becoming a Founder of the organization!