"After hearing story after story in both personal and professional spaces about how families struggle with various aspects of pregnancy, motherhood, and fatherhood, we wanted to create an organization that puts their needs first and uplifts their role in society." Martelle Esposito, President & CEO of Mothership

We were inspired to create Mothership based on our own experiences and the experiences of friends and family. We started with values and a vision, and then we spent about a year researching how we could best serve families in their important role of creating the future of our world. Using a human-centered design approach, we listened to moms, dads, other caregivers, and various health care providers like nurses, lactation consultants, and peer counselors to better understand family needs, health system constraints, existing initiatives, and opportunities for making an impact. From there, we developed our mission, guiding principles, and programs.


Health Equity   *   Creativity   *   Empathy   *   Empowerment   *   Credibility   *   Realness   *   Respect  

Our Vision

We envision a world that empowers, respects, and supports families in achieving their health goals. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase access to high quality health information and support resources that provide positive experiences for families.

Guiding Principles

1) Families have a right to access high quality health information and support resources at little to no cost.

2) Families should be able to access credible information and support resources that are grounded in science and have practical applications in the context of their lives.

3) A family’s experience with seeking and obtaining health information and support resources should be positive, pain-free, and not take up too much of their scarce time.

4) A family’s decisions should be respected and supported.

5) We should celebrate the nutrition, breastfeeding, and other health victories of families, regardless of whether or not they achieve ideal recommendations. 


Mothership has two main programs it will grow, Partners and Certified. Mothership Partners focuses on helping families find health information that is right for them. Mothership Certified focuses on training health care providers on building connection and promoting empowerment in health practice to be the healthcare partner millennial parents are looking for.


All photography provided by Liv Lyszyk