Be the Healthcare Partner Millennial Parents are Looking For

Nearly 90% of new parents are millennials, and millennials are looking for health care partners who help them feel empowered to make their own informed health decisions. Drawing from research in the fields of psychology, human-centered design, and human behavior, the one-day Mothership Certified training workshop focuses on providing knowledge and tools for health service providers on building connection and promoting empowerment in health practice when working with millennial parents.


Training Workshop Details

The Mothership Approach

Designed with both novice and experienced health professionals in mind, the Mothership Certified training workshop offers opportunities for reflection and involves activities to encourage personalized changes to daily health practice that support building connection and empowering patients/clients. 

During 8 sessions that build on one another over 7 hours, the training workshop explores the following topics:

  • Better Understanding Yourself- Reflect on your own challenges, constraints, and biases; understand how they impact your care; and learn practical tools to overcome personal barriers and practice self-care.
  • Better Understanding Your Patient/Client- Learn to read emotional and cultural cues in practice; reflect on your patient's/client's  journey; and discover how to improve your patient’s /client's experience during your care and how it can lead to greater impact. 
  • Building Connection and Promoting Empowerment- Learn to connect with and empower your patients/clients through intentional communication design using space, language, nonverbal cues, and storytelling.











Connection and Empowerment for Better Outcomes







Health Service Providers We Train








Upon completion of the entire training workshop, attendees will receive a Mothership Certified designation as well as:

  •   A Mothership Certified certificate;

  • An Optional listing on our public-facing website as a Mothership Certified health service provider;

  • Access to an online community to continue to share stories, best practices, and opportunities for further study related to building connection and promoting empowerment in health practice.


Research shows us that building connection and empowerment can also contribute to better patient satisfaction and health outcomes. Therefore, the Mothership Certified training and certification program complements and contributes to the following types of initiatives, nicely:

  • Patient satisfaction
  • Quality improvement
  • Patient-centered/client-centered care
  • Customer service


* Community Health Workers * Dietitians * Doulas * Family Practice Physicians * Health Educators * Lactation Consultants * Physicians* Physician Assistants * Midwives * Nurses * OB-GYNs * *Peer Counselors * Pediatricians *Social Workers * WIC staff

Mothership Certified has been approved for 4.25 R CERPs for IBCLCs and 7 CEUs for nurses in some locations. We plan to continue to apply for continuing education credits for different professionals as the program grows.



Individual rate: $225/person

Group rate: Group rates are available and contingent on group size and organization size. Inquire below for more information.

As a nonprofit organization, we are also committed to providing training opportunities for all health service providers, regardless of their ability to pay the training fee and are happy to work with you to the best of our ability to help you achieve a Mothership Certified designation. As we grow, we hope to formally offer sliding scale fees and scholarship opportunities, which we will post on our website once they become available.


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