Introducing Dru: Mom, Dietitian, Mothership Health Partner


By Dru X. Qin

Hello, I’m Dru X. Qin. I’m a registered dietitian, also mom of 3-year-old human girl Femi and 2-year-old bunny girl Taffy. I practice Intuitive Eating myself and credit Femi’s effortless veggie-eating habit to Baby Led Weaning. Femi started solid food at close to 6 months and was exclusively breastfed until 18 months old, both timeframes were decided on her own terms. I consider myself an absolute but realistic breastfeeding advocate who, having gone through some painful moments myself, understands how challenging this could get and supporting it not only for its benefit to the child but even more important, the mom.

In this fast-paced modern world, many new moms (including me) go through periods of struggles both mentally and physically. We face postpartum pains and aches, social isolation, tension in relationship. We feel like we are fading into the background and start to be known by not our names but as “xx’s mom”. We struggle to “lean in” and try hard to squeeze our way back to the adult world.

Mothership is exactly what I wish I had when I became a new parent. It’s not only a place to get reliable information on how to care for your child, but also you yourself. It’s a community that helps you combat isolation and anxiety. Through Mothership, I will share with you all the credible information, past experiences and thoughts that I wish someone could have shared with me three years ago. Most importantly, I’m hoping to help moms enjoy their first few years together with their child. As I used to spend my precious time with Femi in isolation and anxiety, struggling to escape and do “real work”, as if being a mom isn’t some real work if not harder and more important work.