Introducing Diana: Mom, Dietitian, Mothership Health Partner

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By Diana Rice

Hi, I’m Diana. Registered dietitian, writer and mom. I became a registered dietitian after working in media because I love to cook and I can’t imagine anything more important than nourishing ourselves through the meals we share together.

Family nutrition has always been my passion. After working in the field for several years, I became a mom myself and realized that the habits I’d been promoting were a lot harder in practice! I recall one evening in the grocery store with about 15 minutes to spare before I needed to pick up my infant from daycare. I was scanning the aisles for something – anything! – that I could easily prep for dinner, but I came up totally empty. But I was a registered dietitian! And home cooking and family meals were my thing. If it was this hard for me, what was everyone else going through?

On top of the challenges of holding down a full-time job, getting something nutritious on the table every night, pumping at work and taking care of a new baby, I also found myself struggling because the weight I’d gained during my pregnancy hadn’t budged. I still looked pregnant, nothing fit right and I couldn’t fathom finding time to exercise or eat any healthier than I already did on top of my full-time work and parenting responsibilities. How do people do this??? I wondered.

A few years later (and with another infant in the house!) I’ve discovered that a healthy mix of preparation, knowledge, time-saving strategies, self-forgiveness and letting the small things slide are the right tactics for me. I came this approach one “baby step” at a time and I now help individuals through my practice Diana K. Rice Nutrition (a.k.a. “The Baby Steps Dietitian”) to navigate the same challenges I faced and more. My specialties include nutrition for preconception, pregnancy, postpartum recovery and lactation, starting solids, baby-led weaning, pediatric allergies, picky eating and meal planning. I especially love to work with women dealing with gestational diabetes and PCOS and I use a weight-inclusive approach (read: no diets) throughout all my work.

I live with my two beautiful girls and my very patient husband in St. Louis, MO.