Introducing Kristin Revere: A Mothership Certified Doula

By Martelle Esposito

This week we talk with Kristin Revere, a member of the inaugural class of Mothership Certified health service providers. She is a doula in Grand Rapids, MI who provides bed rest support, birth and postpartum doula support and infant care support through Gold Coast Doulas

What is your passion?

My passion is supporting women primarily and families as a whole. I believe judgment-free support during the childbearing years is critical. I want women to feel they have a place to turn. I don't empower women. They empower themselves.

What do you love about your work?

Everything. I get to support families during a major rite of passage. It is an honor to witness a baby come into the world and families form and grow.

What is most challenging about the work that you do?

The most challenging thing about my work is being on call all of the time. It is hard on my family even with a shared call schedule. My phone is always on. I am used to waking in the middle of the night, and I always have a bag packed ready to go. It is all worth it though. I wouldn't change a thing.

Can you describe a time when you were impressed by the strength of one of your clients?

I am impressed by the strength of each and every one of my clients. There is one client who slow danced with her husband through most of her induction. It was the sweetest thing to witness, and she demonstrated such strength through her long labor.       

In your opinion, what is the value of taking time to connect with your clients and build trust?

Building trust and developing a relationship with my clients is so important. Birth and the postpartum time are so vulnerable. It is important for me to build a strong connection with both the mother and her partner.

When a parent is having a hard time with some part of their parenting journey, what do you tell them to empower them?

I tell my clients to trust their instincts. Nobody knows their child or children the way they do.    

Do you have any words of inspiration to live by to share?

Breathe. it is important in pregnancy, birth and parenting. Deep slow breathes. Slow down and be in the moment.

What advice do you have for new parents?

Ask for help and be clear about the kind of help you need. Don't do it alone. We all need support.